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MIMIC Simulator for Employee Training

by ShahPankaj

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Providing employee training poses a problem for all companies. Everyone understands the benefits of employee training in allowing employees to perform their jobs with higher success. But employee training represents an expense to the company, as opposed to customer training which is a revenue-generating product. As an expense, the pressure is constant to minimize costs, which often limits the number of seats in training classes available to employees. Even companies that are large enough to have separate employee and customer training facilities find that the employee facilities are treated as second class, receiving hand-me-down network devices and other materials.


Where the new products are networking devices or network management software, the employee training problem is compounded. Company personnel need to get up to speed quickly in order to perform their jobs with the new product, whether they're in technical support, sales, or marketing. How can companies meet the challenge of providing training for company personnel on new products?


For hardware vendors, company employees need to be familiar with the new hardware and its management software before it hits the market. They need to know how to install it, use it, troubleshoot it, and sell it. But quantities of the product simply are not available for use in training labs. For network management software vendors, the challenge is providing a multi-vendor heterogeneous network that is extensive enough to fully experience the software's capabilities. But providing such a network is cost-prohibitive, not to mention the on-going maintenance and administration costs.


Fortunately, both situations can be resolved through the use of Gambit's MIMIC Simulator's SNMP simulation capabilities. MIMIC provides virtual devices that can be used to set up training lab networks. These virtual lab networks can become as extensive and complex as the trainer would like - which allows them to fully teach the capabilities of the element manager or network management application. Network management platforms and today's emerging point solutions have extensive capabilities that scale for use by enterprise customers. Having access to an unlimited number of virtual networking devices allows the trainer to properly represent these capabilities in labs and demonstrations.


With the use of MIMIC Simulator's ability to provide virtual devices, students gain real experience in working with large networks and fully comprehend the value and capabilities of the software. They are able to practice network monitoring and management techniques, troubleshooting skills that they'll be using with clients, and even experience what it's like to be on the customer side of using the product.


Using MIMIC Simulator in providing employee training, companies find that their training lab expenses are substantially reduced. Costs of third-party devices as well as their maintenance and support are cut to a minimum. And administration costs of the lab - including all the set-up and break-down between classes is significantly reduced.


In addition to classroom training, MIMIC lends itself to automated training so employees can learn independently of structured classes. This adds a flexibility that fits students' schedules, which classroom schedules often do not. With MIMIC, it's as if every student has their own virtual training lab! And independent automated training for employees frees regular training class seats for revenue-generating customers.


Overall, with its ability to hold down hardware expenses, enable training to be scheduled before devices are even on the shelves, and reduce training lab administration, MIMIC is the smart solution in today's employee training program.



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