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What’s the Big Deal with Bamboo SUP Boards?

by bamboosup

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Stand up paddle boarding may look difficult at first, but just like any sport or activity, constant practice will make a person become more skilled. Those who have tried and gotten hooked on stand up paddle boarding are in agreement that one does not need to have a background in surfing in order to be good at stand up paddle boarding, although it does help.

 SUP boards, like bamboo SUP boards, are a lot more stable than regular surfboards. This makes it a bit easier for anyone with no previous experience in surf boarding to be good at stand up paddle boarding. SUP boards, such as bamboo SUP boards, are also longer than surfboards that enable one to catch waves earlier and easier than regular surfers.

 Keep in mind that a larger board is more stable, but it comes with a disadvantage – it is harder to maneuver a large board. Bamboo SUP boards can be your alternative to large boards made of fiberglass. Bamboo SUP boards are more lightweight than other SUP boards, aside from being environment-friendly.

 For beginners, the keyword is stability. Thus, stable beginner boards are ideal for you if this is your first time trying SUP boarding. You may wish to select long and wide boards that can help you gain and maintain your balance. Remember that even a two inch difference in the length of boards can be very critical. A 30 inch board is much more stable than a 28 inch board. 

 If you have been into SUP boarding for a while and you prefer to surf, then consider boards with narrow tails. This type of board allows you to turn the board easily.

 Surfers who like to ride waves should choose a board that is 10 feet and under. Smaller boards are not only ideal for their stability, but also for greater maneuverability.

 For those who like to engage in racing, race boards are more appropriate. Racing SUP boards are long and narrow. These boards are designed for going straight and fast, without turning or cutting through the waves. 

 Experienced surfers who prefer to go on touring or long distance travel on calm waters are advised to find boards that have storage systems. These storage systems can keep some essentials like a beer cans or gear for fishing and camping. Touring SUP boards are high volume and designed for cruising.  Learn more about this fun and enjoyable sport at Elixir Board Co.

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