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The Mentor to the Mentors, Mardy Eger

by anonymous

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We have heard lot of names in the industry.  Tony Robbins, ZizZigglar, Jim Rohm, Bill Walsh, and Brian Tracy  just to name a few.  There’s another name that is in the same company of this whos’ who A list, and that name is Mardy Eger.

Mardy Eger, also known as Md. Eger is one of the most influencial   persons in the arena of mlm, motivation, inspiration, life coaching and business coaching in the world. 

  He is a bestselling author whose written books are the top selling books around the globe. Mardy Eger is not only a bestselling  author who has helped a huge number of people around the globe.   He became a high demand business expert and trainer after years of dominating the mlm and direct sales industry .As of today he has helped several business owners to take their businesses to the next level. 

Also Mardy Eger client list contains a list of the whos who of people who are now listed as big marketers in industry, assisting them to acheive great success and take team growth to the next level.  Many top earners and counselor have called him  “The Mentor of the Mentors”.

Mardy Eger’s clever approach and cordiality has touched  the lives of thousand people around the world, as he delivers practical and logical concepts to build up any business whether it is traditional or non- traditional. In a word, it can be said that Mardy has helped a lot of businessman to turn up their falling business and make that a profitable one.

Having overcome massive challenges as a youth and young adult  Eger wasn’t born with a gold spoon in his mouth. His success was achieved by doing a lot of hard work. In a nutshell his success was brought by his rock hard aim and also hard work. He had lost his parents at the age of 10 and he grew up as an orphan. He lost his 3 children, caught in the web of by bankruptcy and became homeless. Now he has achieved the  American dream through the industry of network marketing.

From homeless to now helping and feeding the homeless, from at one point not only not owning a car but lost cars, to now buying and giving away cars to deserving underprivilage students that excel academically.  To assisting with college tuition, providing Christmas toys for children, feeding thousands of homeless people on a monthly basis.  Driven is an under statement when you attempt to describe Mardy Eger.

 He’s moved by a wish and drive to see others follow in his footprints and experience success and has helped create several millionaires and thousands of wealthy individuals worldwide during his stellar career, a career that helped to explode one company and its owner which was his client  in 2009/2010 .  Mardy Eger has wisdom beyond his years and he loves to share it.  Mardy can be found speaking to crowds in venuresworld wide, impacting lives and defeating fear in their lives.

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