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Why should not mount your television over the fireplace

by aaliyahgorge

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TV over the fireplace, it is very cool and beautiful idea until we try and hide the cables and the fireplace prevents from cable running straight down from the wall it provide the facility of the stud framing this idea prevent from the literally cable running inside the wall and fireplace televisions are in trend now days but some experts don’t consider this thing they suggested us that everything has two parts one will offer benefits and other party offers drawbacks over the benefits so it is might be a good idea to the point of your making your home beautiful but not overall .

Mounting of the television over the fireplace not over all good idea people mount television over the fireplace because they think that it is very logical and convenient, undeniable and cool idea but when people go through this idea they face some serious issues with this placement. If you think that we just watch television occasionally so this is different thing but if it your main television and you watch it more than few minutes daily so please watch out you can be in problems such as

Viewing angle

People generally mount their television on lower higher in comparison to the fireplace television and definitely if you have fireplace television you have to mount it higher than normal height some people who are used to watch television with front row in a theater not issue with those people but the people who are using television daily and not habitual with fireplace television some time they complain related to shoulder and neck pain.

Off axis problem

Most of the people want to purchase LCD television now days we cannot say surely why but there is an additional problem with this thing because most of the LCD televisions look worse if you are not looking at them straight on .When you mount your television over the fireplace , is a wall mount that pivot the mount downward , pointing the TV toward the sofa is the only one way to ensure the picture quality with LCDs where the plasma television has not this problem very much and plasma televisions are less subscripted than LCD television to off degree degradation.

Heat and soot problem

For electronic products nothing is worse than heat, heat damages electronic products definitely it is also true that water and kicking are also not good for electronic product but here we are placing television with fireplace so you can get easily my point .The soot from fire can never be good for television in any way it definitely damage inner portion of television

Bottom line problem

Mounting of television over the fireplace is not good for you and your home also because during mounting location and height of mounting are the biggest issues which create many problems related to our health and related to view so take decision with your own thoughts .Might be you feel it attractive initially but after some time these types of mounting are creating problems so there is need come up with some better options.


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