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Lhasapoo Puppies for Sale – Why they make Excellent Pets?

by ElizabethJ

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When you are looking for a suitable breed to keep at your home, it’s really important to consider what dog characteristics you’re looking for. There might be so many characteristics that people want to get in their pet dogs. No matter you need a dog that runs with you and needs lots of exercise, or you need a self-sufficient dog that is able to stay at your home during the day while you work. This is the reason you should carefully research the characteristics of each dog that you want to buy.

The people who want to get a small or medium sized dog, or who don’t have enough place to keep a large dog, but want a dog with so many characteristics of the smaller breeds, may go for Lhasapoo puppies for sale. Lhasapoo puppies are small, sturdy dogs that generally do well in the apartment living. They usually don’t bark excessively. They are very playful and independent. People who have dog allergies may cope up well with Lhasappo puppies.

The following are 7 important reasons why Lhasappos make excellent pet:

Unlike the short-hair dogs, they never shed hairs. This is the reason people have allergies to other dogs or breeds can live comfortably with Lhasapoo.

As these breeds may be considered as indoor watch dogs, they have very discriminating hearing. They do not bark nearly as much as other small breeds. They are even able to distinguish between normal, day-to-day noises, and unusual ones that could be cause for alarm. Another, important point is that they normally don’t join in when the neighborhood dogs barking.

These dogs don’t need a lot of exercise. Generally the indoor play that they get, combined with a daily walk is enough of exercise for them.

These dog breeds are very playful and good at entertaining people. While keeping these pets at your home they will also make you happy.

They usually remain very good in health. Commonly they suffer from a genetic problem which is known as renal dysplasia or more commonly known as kidney failure. Most of the good breeders can recognize early signs of kidney problems when they present themselves, and after that they will not sell puppies having this disease.

These dogs have a very long lifespan, normally they live for 12-18 years. They are excellent if you are looking for a long term companion. They have little effects of age on their body and will continue to look good and act playful well into their later years.

Lhasapoo breeds are independent and they do not suffer from separation anxiety. This is the reason you can leave them at home while you’re away at work.

Apart from these 7 important reasons, there are more other things about every breed that you need to consider before bringing a particular dog at your home. They made excellent pet as they associate well with adults and children. Proper training and appropriate care make your Lhasapoo puppies the most adorable pet for you.

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