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Benefits of Custom Cartons over Standard Stock Boxes

by markscott

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A carton doesn’t just carry a product. It also carries the brand identity of the manufacturer. Oftentimes, it is the carton that acts as the salesperson for a product sitting on the shelf with hundreds of other competing products. Considering all of these aspects, it is imperative for manufacturers and marketers to invest in high-quality custom cartons.

Standard stock boxes offer very few advantages beyond being convenient to procure. For one, they have not been made specifically for your product. And, as a manufacturer or marketing firm, you have to make do with the standard materials, sizes and finishes being sold to you. Making modifications to a standard stock box product is generally not feasible. In order to customize stock boxes you often have to purchase labels to apply to them which costs money and takes time.

When you invest in custom cartons, you have input in all aspects of the packaging—from the material of the carton to the colors used on it to the text and graphics, size and dimensions and much more. This gives you a definitive edge in a competitive environment where brands have no choice but to vie for the attention of consumers.

Below are additional benefits of using custom cartons for your product:

  • A custom paperboard carton that sells your product needs to be in sync with the attributes of your product. This can be achieved with the use of custom inks, various types of paperboard, hard surface coatings, and specialized die cut options so as to bring about harmony between the packaging and the product that sits in it.
  • The customized features we have mentioned above will make your package both vibrant and highly durable, even when it has to undergo processes such as shipping, loading, unloading, and fulfillment.
  • Engaging the services of a manufacturer who produces custom cartons gives you access to the services of skilled engineers and craftsmen who work on your project from start to finish. Such companies typically make use of leading-edge technology to give you the best output and quickest production turn around time.
  • With custom packaging, you can also control costs better by tweaking the existing features and doing away with unnecessary ones. Moreover, you stand to benefit from economies of scale for high-volume orders.

There are a myriad of folding carton styles that a manufacturer can choose from. The choice of custom cartons is determined primarily by the shape, size, weight, fragility, and contents of the product to be packaged. Thus, it is important to partner with a professional and reputable carton manufacturer that you can trust and has several decades of experience.

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