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Consumer Lifestyles and Spending Habits in China

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Consumer Lifestyles and Spending Habits in China announces a new report on "Consumer Spending Habits - China" which gives the consumer spending growth despite economic slowdown in China.

Consumer Spending Habits - China

China’s consumers’ spending habits are changing as rapidly as the country’s economy is growing. Improved availability of products and services and developments within the retail environment are leading to a shift in consumer lifestyles and spending habits.

Developments in the country affect different consumer groups in a variety of ways. As a result, this has a bearing on the aspirations of different consumer groups, thereby influencing the changes in how they spend.

Key chapters of the report :

Key trends
China’s economy shifts towards domestic consumption
Figure 1: Percentage breakdown of total rural and urban household expenditure by type, 2011
Consumer spending changing as incomes grow
Figure 2: Reasons for consumers spending more, by product and service category, February 2013
Consumer lfestyles and attitudes changing rapidly in response to massive economic and social change
Figure 3: Percentage annual growth of total retail & wholesale trade and average urban wages, 2007-12
How consumer spending habits are changing
Figure 4: Proportion of consumers spending more by sector, by monthly income group, February 2013
How consumers feel their lifestyles are changing
Figure 5: Changes in lifestyle habits, February 2013
How the retail industry is changing to meet new consumer needs
Figure 6: Consumer attitudes towards shopping, February 2013

Key points
Continued consumer spending growth despite economic slowdown
Figure 7: China retail sales significance within GDP, at current prices, 2007-12
Figure 8: China consumer confidence index, December 2007-December 2012
Figure 9: China national retail price index by sector. December 2007-December 2012
Rapid consumer income growth drives rising expenditure
Figure 10: China average annual per capita incomes in urban areas, by monthly income group, 2006-11
Figure 11: Value of urban and rural consumer expenditure by type, 2008-11
Figure 12: Changing level of spending habits, February 2013
Figure 13: Reasons for spending more, February 2013

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