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Care to Design your Business's Building?

by jonesmichelle08

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Let us imagine--even just for a minute--that we can do whatever we want to with our buildings. You see, the façade or the outside appearance of your buildings can do so much to promote your business. Say for example, your business is an abortion clinic Virginia. What image or representation is the best façade for an abortion clinic? We can forget about the condom because it does not really represent your business in its entirety. When people use condoms during coitus then we do not have to worry about abortion at the first place now, do we?

I am thinking more on the ideas of ovaries or the plus and minus sign of pregnancy test sticks. We can also use the other variation--you know, that one where you know you are pregnant if you have two lines on the pee stick? So, yea. I believe you get what I mean. What if you can do this, right? While planning the structure of your abortion clinic Virginia, plan a different design. Like mentioned earlier, you can adapt the design of the woman’s ovaries. You do not have to be too blatant about the design. You can be creative and put some abstract art around it. Be sure to make the ovaries design seen by women though--no matter how subtle.

Now, this next one is more exciting because it is more plausible in the creative point of view. Remember those pregnancy tests we talked about earlier in the article? Well, just think. As discussed earlier, you can choose between the plus-minus design or the one-line–two-lines design. Personally, I would choose the plus-minus design for my abortion clinic Virginia. You know, because it is much more obvious. Clients can easily spot it from afar. However, if you prefer the lines design, that is also good. Subtle but recognizable.

Do you get what I am trying to achieve here? I mean it is not only for the abortion clinic Virginia. That is not the only business here, is it? Let’s say your business is on meat manufacturing. Well, do you know all the design possibilities you can have for your building’s façade for that? There is the cute, pink piggy; the brown, fat cow; the white, happy chicken. Heck, you can even put them all together! Just get a good artist so that it does not end up looking like a nursery school rather than a meat shop.

I said this before and I am going to say it again: physical appearances help much in the marketing of a business. It does not matter if you are selling condiment or operating an abortion clinic Virginia. If you utilize this kind of marketing, it will surely bring your business more exposure. You can even include that in your overall marketing plan. Unfortunately, very few businesses adapt this kind of tactic. That is why I asked you to imagine at the start of this article. You do not really see customized buildings here. And, mind you, the few that are customized demand so much attention from the passersby. Don’t you want to have that same attention to your building as well?

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