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Present Society reflects Modernization with Low Cultural

by anonymous

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Our society is becoming modern day by day but the reality is that we are getting modern just from outside not from inside. Our thinking and perception is still the same as it was before that means narrow and backward. We are developing ourselves but along with that progress and advancement we are constantly forgetting our culture and values. In previous times, Indian families used to follow the joint family trend and in case if families were nuclear then as well they were quiet united. Proper respect and care was given to elders at that time, which was actual not fake like recent times. These days people are together just to pretend but in real they are far away from each others. They don’t respect their elders and are even ashamed to accompany them. They disrespect and neglect them because they don’t want their elders to be with them anymore and this is the main reason due to which mostly aged people opt for old age homes.

Nowadays even a sudden increase in the numbers of old age homes is clearly visible. Elderly people decide to spend their remaining life there, so that they can live relaxed and carefree with dignity and respect. Even many NGO’s are working efficiently for this reason and they are coming forward with their beneficial services to restore the lost hopes in elderly. Various top-notch organizations are running several projects for the welfare of the elderly. They provide basic facilities to senior citizens such as food, clothing and shelter but other than all these facilities they also provide counseling sessions to make elderly self- dependent and financially stable.

Aging is a natural process and when people reach at this age they feel alienated. The only way to eliminate their stress and to boost up their confidence is the counseling and other inspirational projects. These projects help old age people to stay diverted from their day-to-day issues. Even these projects are designed for helping the elderly to stay stress less. They keep them engaged and also offer financial and social support. One of the leading organizations in India is HiSave India that runs numerous projects not only for elderly but for women and children as well.

This organization has several internal organizations that support its working and for projects related to elderly it has HiSave is social service Organization. Basically SAVE (Student Action for Value Education) is a program that focuses on school students, so that the values of care and respect can be inculcated in them for their elderly. This program aims to create an age friendly society.

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