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The Many Real World Applications Of Aerial Cinematography

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The first impression you get when you hear the collection of related words like camera, photos and videos, your mind usually thinks of leisure results like movies, personal home videos and such media content. As it turns out, there is a lot more imaging and video capture activities taking place that has nothing to do with entertainment. Many of these activities are done to help people with research, real business, navigation and construction.

Panoramic Photography

A particularly interesting category of photographs are panoramic type of pictures. Think of all those times when you are on the highest floor of your office building or at the top of a mountain or any location with some altitude. Your eyes can really capture the entire view. If you try to capture that with a camera, which unlike our eyes, does not cover everything, will only get a part of the view.

The purpose of a panoramic picture is to take multiple shots of a given view, and then have it digitally ‘stitched’ by some kind of post-processing technology.

In order to get excellent results, and take pictures that are truly panoramic, we can use aerial cameras. These cameras can be sent to a good enough altitude and capture elements in every possible direction. Many of them have technology that allows the cameraman to find out exactly which part of the view has been captured and which is not captured yet. This way, all needed images are captured with a lot of certainty.

 Traffic Management

Big cities have to deal with multiple traffic junctions, which can occasionally clog up with incredibly high levels of vehicle lock ups. Even some smaller cities have one or two traffic intersections which will inevitably become entangled in a messy traffic confusion.

In such scenarios, ground police force, can have difficulty finding out the source of all this congestion. Is it a huge truck that has broken down? Or, it could be a badly parked vehicle in the middle of the road, or some accident which is not obvious from a distance. There are so many such interruptions that can happen.

An aerial camera with its viewing and recording capabilities can fly across the streets, unhindered by ground obstacles and ‘scan’ the entire place in a matter of minutes. In no time, city traffic management can have their streets free from congestion. One only needs to imagine the collective time that is saved by this simple application of aerial camera.

Filming from a helicopter can be a very rewarding experience for your video project. Helicopter filming companies have all the necessary equipment to help you realize your vision.

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