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Use of Table Lifts in Truck Repairing

by actuatorzone

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Truck repair is a costly affair and requires perfection at all times. An actuator powered table lift is used for most of the repairs. Huge trailers and semi trucks require uplifting for performing repairs, the engineer needs to check the truck thoroughly for knowing faults. The working of Table Lifts is sophisticated, not to forget it is a creation of modern technology. Several brands manufacture these lifts; you need to check which lift will ensure smooth repair operation. This article will precisely tell you the benefits and features associated with functioning of these lifts.

Functioning of a Table Lift:

  • The truck that is due for repair needs to be loaded on the lift for repairs. It is a difficult procedure and needs to be performed by an expert only.
  • The truck is loaded on top of the lift carrying hooks. These hooks are used as locking mechanism, the truck tires are locked in these hooks, and their rotation stops ensuring the truck does not move one bit.
  •  Heavy-duty electric actuators are installed beneath the lift. These actuators are very powerful and have the capacity to lift tones of weight. The actuator calculates the truck weight; it helps in providing accurate required pressure for lifting. The onboard computer performs the calculation and prepares the actuator for further instruction.
  • Once the weight is calculated, the user goes ahead with the lifting procedure. The lifting procedure is performed with a click of a button. The user needs to have experience in this procedure since he needs to stop if the truck is about to move or topple.
  • The truck is lifted and the actuators are locked in that position. The engineer can perform repairs in eased out manner since he has ample space to move around for repairing purposes. The engineer can check several parts of the truck since these actuators lift it.
  • Maintenance of Table Lifts is close to nil, it is manufactured by use of high-end materials that last long and show no sign of fading.
  • Once the repairs are conducted, the truck is again lowered by releasing the pressure present in actuators. Pressure is released slowly or else the chances of the system collapsing are more. The truck might slip out in this procedure therefore; it needs to perform carefully.

This is precisely how a truck is loaded on electric actuator based table lifts. Always go for custom requirements in regards to actuator powered lift table, they are manufactured by adhering to international standards. These actuators do not require any sort of modification or alteration during installation. Costs inferred for manufacturing are comparatively less than standard designs; consider this point efficient in the end.

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