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Popularity of 650b Hardtail

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ountain bikes are ridden especially on unpaved environments, logging roads, fire roads, single track trails and the roads commonly include steep grades, roots, loose gravel, loose sand, ruts, washouts and rocks. Mountain bikers need to handle these obstacles on the way to emerge victorious. Apart from training, it is highly essential that bikers ride a good bike.

So, if you are thinking of the hottest bike in the market that can help you ride through those rough patches, then you must go for the 27.5 or 650b Hardtail mountain bikes. Haven’t you caught the buzz all over the Internet about this new bike? 650b is the wheel size referred here. The new wheel size varies between the traditional 26er wheel and the 29er wheel. The purpose behind 650b Hardtail is that it wants to take the best from 26er wheel and the 29er wheel and thereafter strike a balance that is better and superior to both the spectrums. 650b Hardtail comes with plenty of advantages which includes the promise of advanced bump rolling ability and traction compared to 26er and even more agility than the 29er. The wheels of 650b Hardtail mountain bikes fit right in between at about 27.5. Most bikers like to enjoy the benefits of the “tweeners”.

Availability and development of quality of 650b Hardtail mountain bikes from big manufacturers like Rock Shox and Fox have increased the acceptance and popularity of the bike. Moreover, 650b now comes with tires of different sizes and 650b is also referred to as 27.5 by some brands as well. The 140mm to 160mm of rear travel enables 650b Hardtail to thrive with plenty of real-world and tangible benefits in the world of mountain bike category.

The 650b Hardtail mountain bikes come with features like:

• Dropper post

• 750mm wide handlebars

• Tapered head tube

• Direct mount front derailleurs

• Thru-axles front and rear

The 650b Hardtail mountain bikes are designed to handle hucks, drops, jumps and still offer the best riding experience. The full suspension 650b mountain bikes dominate a majority of the market place.

To sum up the advantages offered by 650b wheels it can be said they offer the fast acceleration feel and nimbleness of 26er wheels. It offers a smoother rolling feel, enhanced traction and extra stability of the 29er wheels.

650b Hardtail wheels are stronger and lighter compared to 29er hoops. Many new models emerging in the market these days are also trying this new wheel size to effectively compete in the market.

The 650b full suspension bikes are more agile, compact, stiffer and lighter and offers a better experience compared to the wide variety of terrain available in the market.

Though the industry was a bit skeptical about the wheel size, it seems 650B wheels have a long way to go and the size is going to shake up the industry. It is predicted that by the end of 2013 a 650b Hardtail is likely to become one of the leading mountain bikes in the industry.

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