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Different Types of Injuries and Problems

by siennachristie

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A widely known sanctuary for adrenaline junkies and sportsmen is Florida. The fantastic weather makes it possible for them to train and play outdoors throughout the year. The only thing that'll stop them from doing physical activities is injuries. Below are some of the common injuries cured at a knee and orthopedic center in Florida.

The first common type of knee injury includes pain related to the kneecap. The patella, more widely referred to as the knee cap, is one of the three bones that form the knee joint. It mainly functions to enhance the strength and leverage of extension of the leg at the joint. The most common condition connected to the patella is called Runner's Knee. This condition occurs because of the inflammation of the cartilage under the kneecap. A related disorder is referred to as Housemaid's Knee, which is a condition where the front of the knee swells because of kneeling for prolonged durations.

Another part of the knee joint that frequently gets hurt is the articular cartilage. This cartilage is a tissue that covers joints and helps them withstand weight bearing by having a low friction surface. Similar to various knee injuries, it is generally a side effect of progressive mechanical degeneration or traumatic mechanical destruction. Compared with other parts of the body, this cartilage has no direct blood supply, giving it few or no capacity to repair itself.

The next type of knee condition is ligament injuries. Ligaments are tough bands of tissue that work as bone connectors. Too much strain employed on them may trigger them to stretch too far or even rupture. This kind of injury is common among foot ball players, soccer players, skiers, gymnasts, and basketball players.

The final example of common knee issues is meniscus tears. The menisci are positioned between the shin bone and the thigh bone. Each meniscus distributes body weight all over the knee joint. Meniscus or cartilage tears occur when the knee joint is arched and then twisted. Players with traumatic injury and senior patients with weak cartilage are vulnerable to this kind of injury.

Check with a doctor immediately if you think you are experiencing any of these problems. Through early diagnosis and proper injury management, you can expect a quick and full recovery. For more information about the treatment of these problems and various other orthopedic procedures like hip replacement in Miami, check

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