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Select a Perfect Image for Your Custom Photo Blankets

by ElizabethJ

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Custom photo blankets can be the best mementos to celebrate the special moments in our life. It becomes a treasured possession of anyone’s life as one can use custom photo blanket for any occasion. While using these photo blankets as a gift and it can sooth the mind of the recipient with its charmed beauty. Having a perfect personalized blanket will surely make any family pride as they can use it as a way to show their family pictures.

Choosing the right picture for the personalized blanket is very important. A perfect image printed on the blanket will surely increase the warm and cuddly feelings of it. However, not all photos are suited for the personalized throw. This is the reason you need to choose the photos very wisely.

Here are some useful tips to choose the photographs for your custom photo throw:

Consider a Meaningful Moment: An important option is to choose a wonderful moment of your life that means a lot for you. You can capture a snapshot that includes a special event or commemorate a unique moment in time. Apart from that there are so many other options too. You can choose the wedding portrait, an award ceremony, or the simple moments of rejoicing with your kids. These all-in-one life time cherished moments will be just perfect pick for the custom blankets.

Capture a Beautiful Location: Another important choice is to capture the scenery of a particular location. This might be the awesome place where your grandfather lived, or a heavenly hill station where you spent a holiday with your family. Choosing the picture of your house garden is also very romantic choice. You can even choose the simple picture of the very home where you presently live. No doubt, these pictures will suit perfectly on the customized photo throw.

Use a Text Image: You can also consider using simple image with a reproduced text. When you have absolutely no picture for putting on the photo blanket, you can go for this option. Perhaps you may have a document that shows your Honors degree or diploma, or even a sports certificate. All these documented text image will perfectly suit your blanket. Actually any image imprinted on the blanket will be your choice and you can always make it innovative with your own idea. No matter what the picture is, if the sequence seems special for you, it could always be used for the photo throw.

Go for an Artistic Option: You can go for more artistic option when you are designing picture blanket for using as gift. You can ask the designers for more artistic ideas. Certainly the expert artists will produce more innovative and beautiful ideas that you can use while designing your photo throw. The experts may suggest some especial images with a famous quotation or caption with a perfect border. You can also design a beautiful photo collage with numerous pictures.

No matter which picture you are choosing, it should be always of high quality with high resolution. You need to choose a high contrast images so that the reproduction doesn’t end up looking featureless.

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