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6 Common Questions While Hiring iPads Answered

by anonymous

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Are you considering iPad rental but think that the whole process is just too complex? Actually, you are not alone as a lot of men and women in Australia refrain from getting one of their most desired gadgets because of scepticism. It is actually understandable also that you would rather save money than paying for the damage or overuse changes of iPads. Here, we are going to help you understand how renting an iPad can be a fun thing if you choose to go the right way.

Can i hire ipad for any number of days?

Absolutely, there is no question about it as most of the iPad rental companies allow uninterrupted usage if you inform them in advance. From a day to a month, the gadget would be completed yours to be used for any number of hours. We suggest that you calculate the number of days in advance and transfer the possession just in time. However, if it is going to get delayed simply call the company and tell them about it.

Is it okay to return late or early?

Most companies wouldn’t create an issue if you choose to return the device late but unfortunately, they are going to charge you accordingly. It is recommended that you discuss this point in advance or they may charge excessively too. The companies manage things through strict deadlines and one of their customers might be waiting for the device after you deliver. As for early return, it is not a problem but they would probably charge you the same amount anyways.

Is it possible to take multiple ipads?

Yes, that is the point of iPad rental. Many businesses and organizations require huge amount of device for important events and that is why rental companies stock many devices at once. Although, the number would depend on what the size of renter is but it is possible to take 20 to 100 devices at a time. However, the more the pads the more is liability. So, we suggest you start with a smaller number initially if there is any uncertainty.

What if the device is damaged?

It is not like the end of the world. In fact, iPad rental companies actually understand this risk and cooperate brilliantly. However, you still have to pay for the damages on the device that are repaired at official iStore. The mount is charged with the rental bill and you might even have to pay for the postage charges.

What is if i lost the ipad?

This is probably the worst scenario and unfortunately you would also have to pay here. The amount is charged for new iPad, plus the rent for number of days the company gets the new pad. You might want to get insurance in the case.

Do a lot of Ipads get damaged or stolen?

Believe it or not, the chances of losing or damaging an iPad are minimal. Just a small fraction of people who rent the device bear these costs. However, if you are still sceptical, start with hiring a single piece.

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