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The Multiple C Class IP Addresses Are the Foundation

by seohost01

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The present SEO (search engine optimization) practices are implemented using the network of websites that back link to the main business site of an enterprise. Previously the off page optimization process was carried out through a group of linked websites providing the inbound links to the main website. The present and past SEO processes basically differ on the basis of the difference in the usage of the IP addresses.

In past days, the micro websites were hosted using the single IP address and each domain of the present networked sites uses the unique IP address. This is necessarily implemented to comply with the updated algorithm of the leading search engines. If the spider of the search engine finds a number of websites using the same IP address, then these sites can be banned or restricted at any point of the time.

To avoid such an undesired situation, the SEO hosting providers are using the multiple c class IP addresses to represent the uniqueness of each of the hosted sites. That’s why the present SEO hosting is also called as the class c IP hosting. In an IP address, the third numeric group or portion known as the c class represents the server where the website is hosted. If the networked websites are hosted using the different c class IP addresses, then the domains of these sites will appear to be completely unrelated to one another despite actually being owned and controlled by a single party. This makes SEO hosting complete and effective with total compliance to the search engine rules.

The class c IP hosting is classified as the shared and dedicated IP hosting. The shared IP hosting shares the same IP address among the websites of different web owners and in dedicated IP hosting, the domain of the each hosted linked websites has unique IP address. The dedicated IP SEO hosting is more secured compared to the shared IP hosting because the sharing of websites from different web owners can lead to spam and ultimate penalty from the search engines. Also the independent website hosted using the dedicated IP performs better and serves the functionalities of back linking in a more efficient manner.

The multiple c class IP addresses help the SEO host to implement various optimization processes for increased visibility of the main website through its higher page ranking in the search result page. The SEO provider uses these IP addresses to host a network of multiple websites and blog farms to produce inbound and outbound links with relevant and quality link building. The useful and rich contents in these linked micro sites help to establish a unique identity of the main site by offering the maximum online exposure necessary for a successful business.

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