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Enter the World of Dries Van Noten

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The Dries Van Hoten Line

The Dries Van Hoten line is your versatile solution to every day quandaries and demands. No matter how casual or formal an occasion may be, fashion is a necessity. And as a male, your utmost priority is to preserve your manhood, and to exemplify style and personal expression at the same time.

Why it’s Perfect For Modern Men

This fashion line happens to be a perfect depiction of the versatile, modern day male who values his looks as much as his personal strength. The Dries Van Noten man realizes that a trend is nothing without his individuality. He doesn’t simply wear the brand; he enhances the brand through his keen sense of style and eccentric charm.

About This Line of Clothing

The Dries Van Hoten shop embodies simplicity and subtle sophistication, combining the elements of a flurry of vivid color, quality garments, impeccable tailoring and an effortlessly casual, yet, regal style.

Its selection of ties explores the diverse range of both blue and green color tones. Made of the finest silk, they can offset any neutral toned outfit with their detailed prints.

There is one particular thing you may note upon browsing the colorful scarves on this line of clothing. You will not see scarves that are mere feminine accents of color. Instead, you will detect a vibrant touch of masculinity in each scarf.  Whether you are seeking neutral camel tones, or a fusion of primary colors and neutral shades, you can literally match these scarves with any outfit, whether formal or informal.

The suits are not varied in selection. However, they are sufficient for your needs as a socialite, business man, professional, and more. A black, silk suit is always appreciated for an occasion that requires formality and elegance.

Casual wear is an integral component of this clothing line as well. The range of long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless shirts is commendable. The shrewd integration of color and manipulation of prints and design would appeal to the ever day man looking for graceful style. Even the most relaxed cardigans and sweaters on this line still utter modish hints of “I’m strong, and chic.” 

Usually, any sort of carrying case is stigmatized as a purse. Yet, in the Dries Van Hoten shop, you can browse a variety of masculine messenger bags and briefcases, which can accompany your power suit perfectly.

Why Diversity Is Important

Like some men out there, you may limit your wardrobe to a few basic staples: a few dress shirts, a few t-shirts, jeans, slacks, and a couple ties. But when you limit the ways in which you can express yourself visually, you constrain the manner in which you behave in everyday life, the people you mingle with, the respect you receive, and even the places you go. So, don’t settle for a few stale staples in your wardrobe. Go above and beyond, and mix and match the apparel available on this clothing line. The Dries Van Hoten man does not settle for less. He wants his fashion statements to be as powerful as his personality.

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