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4 Essential Responsibilities of Agents Like Russ Herriott

by shanamillikan

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Oftentimes, behind the success of every performer, actor, or celebrity is a knowledgeable and persistent manager who worked hard to secure the best deals and find excellent opportunities for their client. Take talent manager Russ Herriott as an example, who collaborated with Phil Harris, an American captain who is the host of Discovery Channel's well-known reality TV series Deadliest Catch. Russ Herriot handled Harris' career for 6 years until the fishing boat captain died in 2010. If you're thinking about getting in the entertainment field, you'll definitely need the services of a reputable manager who has the following responsibilities:

Gets the right people and opportunities.

If you're just beginning, chances are, you may not know a lot of people who can help you out. The good news is, having a manager with many contacts and a huge network could bring you to the offices of big music producers or take you to movie auditions. A manager can present you to the right people and likewise tell you who to avoid.

Provides useful tips.

Before celebrities make career-related decisions, they first seek the advice of their managers who knows the basics of the entertainment industry. For example, your manager will determine whether a certain career move or transformation can be beneficial then afterwards tell you about its potential rewards and dangers. From promotions to business deals, a manager can shed light on your doubts and see to it that you know everything.

Maintains your professional statue.

Bad rumors and scandals are a given in nearly every celeb's life. When a rising star gains enough attention, paparazzi and gossip hounds will be hot on his heels anticipating any slipup or mistake. Therefore, an excellent manager guarantees that his client stays untarnished and defends him in case nasty gossips begin to emerge.

Negotiates and reviews agreements.

If you work with a management agency, such as the company of Russ Herriott, Sports & Entertainment International, remember that your agreements will be checked by your manager. He'll ensure that you receive reasonable compensation and your rights are protected. You won't sign on anything that will eventually come back to bite you.

As a growing star, musician, or athlete, you can surely make use of all the help you can get and it begins with choosing a skilled manager. Side by side you will walk on the bumpy yet glorious road to stardom. For more information, you can head to Manager_Job_Description_Duties_and_Requirements.html.

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