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Parcel Delivery Service – Salient Features

by Jameshorncastle

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What do we require of our parcel deliveries? Essentially the same basic features we expect from any other service: safety, security, punctuality.

In parcel deliveries, the safety component depends to a great extent upon the packaging and labeling, so that the contents of a parcel survive the journey and do not go to wrong destinations.

The security component in parcel deliveries relates to insurance and professional approach of the parcel delivery services. While safety relates to the safety of the content, security relates to prevention of the content falling into wrong hands and being abused.

The punctuality component in parcel deliveries really depends upon the parcel delivery service, and also on some other extraneous and unforeseen events. However, accidents and calamities, are not regular affairs and do not reflect the abilities of a parcel delivery services. Regular late delivery is a matter of concern.

Based upon these three principal concerns regarding parcel deliveries it is apparent that a professional parcel delivery service would have the following features:

  • Due care and caution about packaging

  • Good documentation, help, and instruction system to guide the customer

  • Open channels of communication and functioning and courteous help-desk to help customers over any questions they may have

  • Easy tracking system that provides quick access to the customer and knowledge about the status of parcel deliveries

  • Easy layout and navigation of website or documentation, so that the customer can take a properly informed decision

  • Transparent pricing, and facilities to review and recheck pricing, as well as compare pricing between several providers

  • Discounts and offers for loyal customers

  • Coverage by a reliable insurance company for parcel deliveries

  • Professional reputation, and care-giving attitude

  • Multiple choices to customers

  • Punctual delivery

  • Direct-to-home collection services

For parcel deliveries, these are the points that really matter when choosing a parcel delivery service. The looks, the logo, or the graphic design of a website pale in comparison to usability and transparency of dealings.

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