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* is one of the most famous works of Internet Art, made by Miltos Manetas in 2003.    * Introducing the new Apple's Tablet Computer Named IPad, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that "" is one of the best websites to experience the iPad and "Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas" is definitelly the best application for the iPad. (link)    * is People's Voice Winner of the Webby Awards    * Time Magazine listed on the Top 50 coolest websites    * JacksonPollock by Miltos Manetas is also an iphone app and an ipod application. See the comments page for the application here.    * is a Neen artwork Now you can change the background colour and the colour of the drip! Enter the new PollockWe are experiencing some problems with Explorer for Windows.. try it with some other browser..Press any key to get a different background colourPress SPACE to erasePress ALT and any key to change the colour of the dripnumbers 1-0 also change the background/drip colour as well as right-left arrow and up and down arrowAlso, in case you want to print out Pollocks, there is a way to save them in highres and have a perfect output without any pixel showing. You need to have Adobe Acrobat installed (the program not just the Reader) and then you choose to print as a PDF. Try it!

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