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Which Is Better – Octopus Or Frozen Shrimp?

by martinwalker

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Is Sea Food Healthy?

In general, seafood is known to be very healthy. Seafood is known to be protein rich and Omega 3 that is present in seafood is known to be very good for your heart. Seafood is a collective term used to describe food that we get from water and there are many types of seafood that is available. Seafood is less in cholesterol and fatty substances and rich in proteins, minerals and essential vitamins. Shell fish in particular are said to be rich in vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fats that are very good for your heart. Seafood is highly nutritious and if properly cooked can be part of your healthy diet.

Frozen Shrimp Or Octopus-Which Is More Nutritious

Shrimps and Octopus both are selfish and are considered to be very healthy. Fresh shrimps are a rarity and hence most of the shrimps available are frozen shrimp.

•People who are on a heart healthy diet have known to consume octopus as a major portion of their meal.

•The thought of having an octopus may be deterring to some. But the fact is that they are highly nutritious when compared to other seafood and especially shrimp, which is very popular seafood.

•Frozen shrimp is said to top the sales in the shell fish variety, but the octopus is slowly becoming a delicacy in many countries.

•An octopus is low on fat and is has very little saturated fat. It contains high amounts of niacin, iron, calcium and vitamins B6, B12 and C.

•Shrimps are great sources of omega-3 fat and are low calorie. But overall nutrition is better in octopus when compared to shrimps.

Easy To Cook-Frozen Shrimps Or Octopus

Having known that octopus is a lot more nutritious, the next question that arises is the ease of cooking. Frozen shrimp being popular seafood, has many recipes that will excite your tongue and since octopus is just catching up in popularity, the recipes are a lot less. Cooking a giant octopus or a frozen shrimp does require a bit of care and expertise. Care has to be taken not to overcook as they will tend to become rubbery. Shrimps and Octopus has to be tender to be enjoyed the most and the skill required is almost the same. For a decent sized family, the number of shrimps required is more and hence you may have to be more alert while cooking them. One giant octopus will be sufficient for a normal family as edible parts are a lot more in an octopus. Frozen shrimp or octopus, care has to be taken while cooking.

Easily Available-Frozen Shrimps Or Octopus

•Shrimps are popular and hence the availability of frozen shrimps is much better than octopus. It is due to this popularity that we will find frozen shrimps in all supermarkets and stores.

•The octopus can be found in large supermarkets or in the local market, but are not as easily available as shrimps.

•Availability of seafood is greatly influenced by the season and demand. It may not be easy to find an octopus, but it has started to become a popular choice amongst people and this will slowly ensure easy availability of a giant octopus ease.


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