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Health welfare: Best for check employee’s health

by lizza

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The health check analysis is a necessary task, it is helpful to maintain good health of employees and make aware them to remove stress of them.

The law of EU directive and Danish law every employee offer the health check facility in every three years. The night shift working employees should maintain good health. It is a challenge for them; the health welfare is a great experience for worker to check their health. For this kind of work some common contents are use, and employees fill out the questionnaires for Helbredstjek about following points:-


  • Sleeping time
  • Sleeping pattern
  • About family situation
  • Any disease if have
  • Diet and exercise
  • Do you like night work or not?  


After fill answers of these question analysis on employee measure following points like, blood pressure, diabetes, and also hidden cost of stress. The measurement on employee’s health is necessary and also has a great thing. Any company employees should aware about their health and do night shift very carefully. The Helbredstjekwelfare is a best thing to make aware employees about their health and motivate for maintain it.


The cost of Stress should be less in working life otherwise it will be very dangerous for health. The stress level in any employee health makes danger for life also. The health welfare is a necessary for motivation about good health. The health is not only one point which should be correct but also with it mental strength also a best point should be correct. The benefits of Helbredstjek are:-


  • Employees can share their health related problem
  • They can aware about health issue
  • They will motivate about maintain good health
  • Night work is suitable or not about it views of them organization can know
  • Company get healthy workers
  • This analysis can reduce stress level of employees

The level of Stressshould be less and for it you must do yoga, physical exercise running etc. The working of body saves us from dangerous and stress also. The ISA also a inspiring to maintain good health and motivate for best fitness.  The stress can make bad effect on your health and for remove it you should do exercise and other activities like play any outdoor game or spend time with friends.    


The long time of working also give a stressful life it is a bad thing about fitness and for this Helbredstjekbecome very necessary and this welfare give the new energy to employees for working and they can do their work with more positive energy.


Health welfare is a best medium to analysis on employee’s health. The Helbredstjek is a very necessary task and it is organize in every three years. The Stress is a negative factor and it is a big barrier in working life.

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