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Use The Power Of St Joseph To Sell Your Home

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Many people who are having difficulty selling their homes are often surprised to get a recommendation from their realtor to search for a place with St Joseph statues for sale. They often wonder if this is a last-ditch, desperate move, like buying a lottery ticket. The idea is that realtors have often had the experience of knowing homeowners that have sold their homes after they decided to use a St Joseph status to sell their house.


You can find out a lot more about the power of this tradition by visiting a store or website where one might find St Joseph statues for sale. Although not everyone knows about Joseph's sainthood, most recognize the importance he had in the life of the Savior, particularly as a baby and as a young man of 12. Although the Scriptures that mention Joseph are few, we know that he was a carpenter, that he likely built the home where his family lived, and the he was the father of the Son of God. As a Saint, St Joseph had specific gifts related to his earthly talents. He has come to be known as the Saint of workers and craftsmen. He has also come to be known as the Saint who can provide a home for other families.


This particular tradition may have come from the time that a group of nuns at a Closter needed more land for their abode. They were inspired to bury medals of St Joseph around their current lands, and soon thereafter, they were gifted the land they needed.


Today, many families seek the blessings of a St Joseph statue to sell their house. Some wonder the best place to do this. Some feel it is best to bury the statue near the For Sale sign, facing the home. Others place him near the front of the home as if he were an honored visitor. One tradition directs plaintiffs to bury the statue upside down. However, the reason for this comes from a rite where homeowners would threaten St Joseph with upside-down burial until their houses sold. More spiritual (or perhaps less aggressive) people eschew putting the statue upside down, preferring to take a prayerful rather than a threatening stance in their supplication to the St Joseph statue to sell their house.


Once the house has sold, tradition directs the family to disinter St Joseph and place him in a spot of honor in their new homes. Many people will remember seeing statues of St. Joseph in a family's garden or backyard.


If you are having trouble selling your home, be sure to contact a place with St Joseph Statues For Sale, and use the power of St Joseph along with prayer to aid in your endeavors.



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