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Career should be same as my hobby--Open a frozen yogurt shop

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Most people say that you should choose the job which you are really interested. When you wake up in the morning, everything is new, it is a new day of our job. If you do not happy with your job, you will be unhappy when you get home at night. So it will make life so boring.


What could be more fun than opening an frozen yogurt shop? As a owner of a frozen yogurt shop you will have a career that is fun, creative and rewarding in your whole career time.


As a owner of frozen yogurt shop, you can design the shop style and adjust the ice cream taste as you like. Everyday you can talk with customers and make many friends. When you see people enjoying themselves with the ice cream which made by yourself, you will feel really happy and rewarding.


You can make your frozen yogurt business what you want it to be. You might decide to open an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that becomes a popular attraction for tourists, a scoop shop selling a high volume of take-out ice cream, or even a low-risk ice cream cart business.


You could aim to please as many tastes as possible by offering a wide variety of ice cream flavors in regular ice cream, or you might choose to be specialized. Maybe you imagine having a shop that offers special frozen dessert products such as ice cream cake.


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