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Use of Organic Fertiliser Boosts the Fertility of Soil

by dickersgarden

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Fertiliser is any substance that is added to the soil for supplying essential nutrients required for the growth of plants. The use of fertiliser induces fertility of soil. Fertilisers occur in various kinds. Powdered form is the most common variety among others.  There are two types of fertiliser, namely organic fertiliser and inorganic fertiliser. These days, the use of organic fertilisers is increasing because they are eco-friendly. However, organic fertilisers generally contain depressed concentrations of nutrients but this attribute avoids certain complications that can harm the plants.


Furthermore gardeners use fertilisers to promptly improve the natural colors of flowers. To improve the fertility and texture of soil fertilisers like compost and manure are widely used. Generally, sandy soils lose nutrients and water rapidly. Adding up organic fertiliser can solve these issues effectively. Use of fertilisers maintains healthy growth of plants. organic farming surfacing is essential to supplant crop land nutrients that have been utilized by previous plant development. It is important to make an efficient use of these fertilisers. Improper or excessive use of fertilisers can cause nitrate pollution.


As it is necessary to grow food by avoiding the use of pesticides, using organic and eco-friendly products can control insects and prevent several harmful effects. Increasing the fertility of the soil is one of the prime objectives of gardening. Organic fertilisers liberate nutrients that ensure healthy growth of plants. Their objective is to improve the quality of soil by repairing it with nutrients as per their deficient needs. The organic fertiliser includes manure, slurry, worm castings, peat, seaweed, humic acid, and guano. The growth of plants cannot make steady progress if soil is infertile. Use of organic fertiliser encourages green gardening and do not harm the soil in any way.


It is advisable to test soil before fertiliser application. This helps to ensure the fertility needs of the soil. However use of chemicals can make the soil infertile and also causes soil pollution but organic fertiliser acts as soil conditioners. It protects the soil and provides nutrients to the plants. Organic fertiliser is convenient and effective to use. Its use improves soil structure and also works for moisture retention.  Using sufficient amount of organic material in the soil can help quick growth of plants and vegetables. It is beneficial to use organic fertilisers in a combination like manure, along with specific organic fertilisers to cope with crop needs.


For best results apply organic fertiliser before few months of planting. This procedure allows soil microbes to digest organic material that helps in the rapid growth of plants. Spreading them on the soil is the simplest way of applying fertilisers. There are different types of organic fertiliser i.e. plant based fertilisers, mineral based fertilisers and animal based fertilisers. Plant based fertiliser consist of high volume of nitrogen. In addition to, cow manure is the most common animal fertiliser and it is used to stimulate vegetable growth.

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