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Online-Devices provides industrial communication products.

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Online-Devices is a professional, high technology online provider specializing in high quality industrial communication products, Data Acquisition I/O modules, USB Relay Controllers and Motion Control items.

Online-Devices offers high quality electronic equipment made by leading manufacturers around the globe, such as Advantech eAutomation, Superior-Solutions and Intelligent Appliance at a significant low price, while special discounts have been defined for academic institutes, scientific laboratories, etc.


Advantech is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration, hardware, software, customer-centric design services, embedded systems, automation products, and global logistics support.
Intelligent-Appliance is a Designer and Manufacturer specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control, Communication, Peer to Peer, Digital and Analog I/O modules, USB Relay board Controllers, RS-232 and Motion Control building blocks.


Some very popular applications Online-Devices’ products are: Electronic Manufacturing Assemblies, Automatic Test Systems, Automatic Data Acquisition Systems, Medical Automation, Control Vehicle Systems, Engineering and manufacturing excellence, Emissions Control, Machine Automation and Control, Automobile Manufacturer, Candy Manufacturer, Smart Home, Home Systems, Custom Home Systems, Custom Commercial Systems, Home Control System, Multi-Room, Controlling home entertainment, Fire Safety, Torque Measurement, Control and Monitoring and also in the Solar Panel Industry.


Online-Devices also offers excellent Technical support for all the products sold in the online store, most importantly for Advantech products and Intelligent-Appliance’s product. There is a fully equip Technical Lab that houses veteran engineers for Technical Support and RMA issues. Online-Devices is often chosen for its well known technical capabilities. The engineers also handle true Turn Key projects, entrusted with many aspects of one single project and perform customizations and system integration.


Another testament for the strong Technical Orientation is the cooperation between Online-Devices and Intelligent-Appliance to improve the manufacturers R&D. Many satisfied customers have provided their feedback and have become part of the constant process of improving existing Relay Controller Board versions, but more importantly, providing important input to the R&D process for new products.

Online-Devices is a worldwide online provider with customers all around the world. In order to be able to stay competitive internationally, the shipping policy is priced very low for all countries around the globe.


Companies from countries such as the USA, Germany, Australia, Chile, Spain, India and Taiwan are repetitive clients and enjoy the good customer service, low shipping prices, high quality technical service and diverse array of technical products and solutions.


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