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The Other Areas of Practice of a Law Firm in New Orleans

by nannieleick

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Within the pages and lines of the Constitution and federal law, your rights are clearly specified and secured. So when you're searching for a law firm in New Orleans, take note that whatever your case is, you'll definitely find a legal representative to defend you. In fact, the following are a couple of little-known yet essential areas of practice that most law firms take on that you should find out about:

18 Wheeler Accidents

A regular 18 wheeler can be 30 times heavier than the normal passenger vehicle. Thus, it's no surprise that these large trucking rigs, which could weigh up to 90,000 lbs., can trigger serious street mishaps and property damage. Taking into account the severity of the injuries that 18 wheelers can bring upon, it's best to consult a lawyer prior to submitting any claims or agreeing to a settlement.

Dog Bites

In the U.S., around 4.7 million people are attacked by dogs every year. This is the reason why dog bite laws have been formed and implemented in various states to reduce the occurrence of dog attacks and encourage canine owners to be more responsible in the care and control of their pets. Considering that dog attacks can cause serious injuries and suffering, know that their owners can be held responsible in the law court.

Company Vehicle Accidents

Company or business cars are just one of the most typical types of cars that are constantly on the road. Therefore, it's not unusual for them to sometimes be involved in pedestrian or traffic accidents. If you ever find yourself harmed in an incident caused by a company vehicle, keep in mind that such companies will do everything to lessen their losses, so you'll need to find one of the finest attorneys in New Orleans.

Bus Accidents

Indeed, a lot of law firms in New Orleans also specialize in handling bus accident cases. This type of mishap is covered by the common carrier law. So, looking for a firm that is familiar with its ins and outs would absolutely be to your benefit.

It's been said often that the law is for everyone. Therefore, whether you're a victim in an 18 wheeler accident or got bitten by a neighbor's pet dog, you can be confident that you will be well-compensated for your losses with the help of an aggressive and experienced lawyer in New Orleans. For more information, you can visit


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