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Recognizing iPhone 4 Parts that Break Down Quickly

by venuseckert

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The iPhone—from the initial design to the iPhone 4 and 5—has actually included many functions and capacities that it is progressively blurring the distinctions between a smart phone and a computer. However, it is still subject to wear-and-tear no matter how advanced iPhone's technology is. With this in mind, below are a few standard iPhone 4 parts that are known to break down quickly.


Similar to that of any handheld electronic device, the battery is your iPhone's life. An ordinary iPhone battery can last up to 300 hours on standby, and up to 40 hours with constant use. But with the use of power-hungry functions such as games, video recording, and video calls, the battery can be drained in as short as four hours. It will also lose its capacity (as much as 50% of its original charge over time more swiftly.

Home Button

The home button provides access to your iPhone's main menu. Among the many crucial iPhone 4 parts, this key navigation button is perhaps the most pressed button in each unit. Due to this, it's also most prone to abuse, breakage, and wear damage. With it malfunctioning, your iPhone wouldn't have much purpose.

Dock Port

If your phone won't charge but the battery turns out all right, the dock port might be the cause. The dock port is the connection point for the USB cable. It is employed to connect the iPhone to other gadgets such as a charger or a speaker system. It also syncs the iPhone with iTunes on the computer. If your iPhone's dock connector breaks down, a lot of its features will be dampened.

Front Display

The front display screen is both the iPhone's strongest feature and its prime point of vulnerability. With the introduction of the touch screen modern technology, the need for too many external buttons has actually been gotten rid of, and this appealed to a great deal of customers. But at the similarly, it is also the iPhone's weakness. The front display screen is scratch-resistant, but since it's still made of glass, a drop from a significant height can pave the way for it to break or crack, immediately rendering your iPhone worthless.

If you're experiencing issues with these parts, you still have alternatives aside from completely replacing your phone. You can purchase each component independently and repair it yourself or look for the services of a professional iPhone repair technician. For more information, visit

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