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Blekko is a consumer facing search engine.

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When you look for something and you don’t get it, it is frustrating, right? Supposing you come online and search for a product or a service. The search results are appearing for something that is not related to what you have asked for. It is clearly a waste of time and energy. But do not worry, we have come up with a solution that meets all your requirements. Introducing Blekko, a search engine focusing on data that meets your expectations, high quality, relevant and spam free search results at your fingertip. As a search engine Blekko combines traditional algorithmic search that keeps away spam and gives you results only from the most reliable sources and best quality sites available. Blekko has a feature called slashtag, it is a tool used to filter search results and helps you in searching only quality sites and not to mention, spam free.

When you enter a search query in Blekko it brings you quality sites, it is programmed in a way that eliminates sites that has low quality content. Blekko makes sure that you have the perfect choice. So while you are searching the results provided will definitely help you to make the right decisions and improves your search experience. In Blekko you can :

  1. Set your preference settings.
  2. Control your view of the search results page.
  3. Advanced privacy with the option ‘SuperPrivacy’.
  4. Choose to disable Safe Search, set it to Moderate or Strict.

For all the tech lovers, Blekko is available for iPhone and Android. You can add any websites to your slashtags. Also you will have access to a website’s SEO data. If you mark any search results as spam they will not be appearing thereafter in your search results. If you have an account in Blekko you can create slashtags and have access to your Facebook/likes. ‘Slashtag info’ is a tool created by Blekko and designed by professionals, where you can easily create your own slashtags. With the help of this you can customize your search to display only top sites for specific searches like health, technology, recipes etc.

Slashtags in Blekko are designed in the back end by experts and it is used to perform specific search functions or tasks. The news says ‘Blekko is not content to be the underdog, it wants to be your guard dog too.’ Blekko’s mission is to deliver spam free search results by adopting the Herculean task of banning from its results, 1.1 million websites that is not trustworthy. Blekko is more advanced because, unlike other search engines it deletes it’s user’s search logs within 48 hours.

Blekko has announced partnership with Lavasoft, which makes security software that detects spyware and adware on the user’s PC. Also it will be the default search engine for Lavasoft users and will be making use of Lavasoft’s software to signal whether the search results are trustworthy or not.



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