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Rickshaw all the Way

by thomasonedward

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Each year London attracts thousands upon thousands of tourists, all wanting to visit one of the greatest cities in the world. This year saw even more people flood through the arrival gates as they came to spectator the magnificent games that London was hosting. Most people arrived by plane, some by boat across the English Channel and others by train. But one particular spectator claims to have travelled all the way to London, by rickshaw.


Wanting to spread the spirit, Chinese born, Chen Guanming set off on his trip an astounding two years ago all the way from his village in eastern China. Covering more than sixty countries, Guanming finally arrived in Britain on a ferry from France.


A bit excessive maybe? Travelling nearly 40,000 miles in a rickshaw can’t have been easy but 

Guanming has certainly been an ambassador for these three wheeled modes of transport that originally stemmed from Asia. The first rickshaw in Guanming’s country of China was actually imported from Japan in the late nineteenth century.


But you don’t have to go all the way to China or Japan to experience a ride on a rickshaw; they can be found within our very own capital city. London rickshaw hire can give you a taste of the orient and take you around the city in your own personal tour. There are so many attractions, sights and landmarks in London that it would take hours to be see them all on foot. Whether you have an hour or a whole day, travelling through the streets on a rickshaw with a tour guide can make for a fun and memorable trip.


To hire a rickshaw will show you a different side of London, one that can be missed on the tube or bus. You’ll get to mingle with the locals and see people going along their everyday lives. Whether you’re a Londoner or a tourist, there’s always something to see in the city and a rickshaw is a unique way of exploring.


Rickshaw hire is easy, either pick one up at a designated spot such as the West End or pre-book through a company online. They can arrange your own personal tour and ensure that you enjoy the charm and mystique of the rickshaw as much as they do.


Since the beginning of the century the Western world has been intrigued by the oriental mode of transport that has been around for nearly 150 years. The rickshaw is perfect for travelling through busy streets and roads and was often used to carry goods to rural towns.


Today, its practical use has been converted to a more romantic or novel one, but the fact remains that these practical modes of transport are just as economical as they were all those years before, but I won’t advise taking it on a world tour yet.



Author Information: Thomason Edward is a writer and a journalist. He writes for numerous online publications and magazines. A regular contributor to historic websites about Rickshaw Hire.  For more information visit Bicycle tours.

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