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Websites for Designers: Is It Really Beneficial?

by pixpadesign

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Having a web presence is something that can't be underestimated. Gone are the days of hoping someone will find out about the company or business through the Yellow Pages or via word-of-mouth. Today, having some form of web presence is mandatory for anyone that is interested in promoting a product or service. Whether it is a website or some form of social media platform, web presence is essential. This is especially the case for anyone that is into designing. Although some may feel that the designing process is more focus on creativity as opposed to promotion, designing itself is a combination of the two. In order to be a successful designer whether it is of clothes or websites, some form of promotion is necessary and the easiest way to obtain public interest is through a website.

The Importance of Web Presence

Designing of any sort is a creative process that is often unseen unless it is promoted. In order for designers to spark interest in their abilities, they must have some way of presenting their work to the public. In many ways, a designer having a website is a form of networking. A website allows designers to showcase their abilities for the world to see. Nowadays, most businesses and companies cannot go without a website. When most people inquire about a company or service they ask about a website because the website is what people use to determine whether or not the company is producing products or services that would be of interest to them. Thus, designers of all types would do well to increase their web presence by obtaining a website.

A Virtual Showcase

Designers are struggling with promoting themselves to a website should consider a website as a virtual showcase of all of their work. In some ways, a website is like an expanded but more detailed virtual business card. A website can be used to really show what a designer is capable of producing. It is the perfect place to post pictures of the different types of work created. Websites are also a great venue for explaining the history behind one's design work. Also, websites allow designers to showcase their experience through testimonials which can greatly increase the legitimacy of one's work. In all, a website is one of the best ways for designers to showcase all of their skills.

Networking for Designers

A website is one of the best ways for designers to increase their visibility. Numerous entities use websites as a means of networking. With the overwhelming use of social media platforms, many people use their websites as a way to connect with others through social media. In fact, most individuals and businesses utilize some form of social media platform via their website. Designers can take a considerable advantage of the website social media connection. For example, a designer with 500 Facebook friends could potentially turn these 500 friends into potential sales by promoting a link to a website of his or her design services. Websites definitely have their benefits and anyone that is selling a service should definitely incorporate a website into their business plan.

Designing itself is a creative process. However, in order for designers to share their creative abilities they must be able to promote. A website allows designers to create a much needed web presence, showcase their abilities and potentially increase sales via networking.

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