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Obesity handbook is an upcoming app for iPhone

by anonymous

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iPhone is the crazy device for all age groups. Apple is the famous brand for technological devices to help techno bees with all new trends. There are various applications released for iPhone and iPad to help people in various situations.  They are health apps, utility apps, navigation apps, business apps and many more. According to all these health apps are really helpful to the people. As the iPhone is a handy device, they can check their health conditions with these apps.

Obesity handbook is one such app that helps people to check their BMI on their iPhone. It is an essential iPhone app, which provides simple and effective information about Obesity. It depicts advice, support, as well as intensive life style management for people living with Obesity. It is featured with BMI calculator to check your exact BMI. Just Input your height and weight then the app will find out your Body Mass Index and finds whether you are Normal, Obese, under weight or Over weight. Also you can have the history of BMI calculated. It also has weight check calculator to measure the exact and maximum weight proportional to male or female height.


* Basic understanding on obesity and its types.

* Obesity Causes & Complications.

* BMI calculator: *

 Weight check calculator: Calculates exact and maximum weight proportional to height for male and female.

* This application provides the best exercise tips to reduce your weight with dietary.


In short, it is the best iPhone health application available for free.


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