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by anonymous

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Verse 1
Fully committed, coming with it from the start to the finish,
strictly business when I bring it to your attention,
dishonorable mention, piss all on your invention,
misses can't afford to mention this is only my suggestion,
My emergency, demented, psycho-metabolic message,
for the politicians, charlatans, evil inside the hearts of men,
feeble beneath my penitence, ego attacking common sense,
regal in posture marks the culprit imposter, I spot ya,
Funny nirvana never treated me propa, Never enough, nada, to conquer my trauma,
Lil shop of horrors and calamities, stop the insanity,
battling over control, ballad of tragedy shown, balancing hot with the cold, watch as the story unfolds,
manifesting what my destiny sowed, meant to expose, set to explode,
at any moment, maintaining focus, holding on cause I know I...

I get dropped, but I'm right back in, I'm gonna fight this shit, I'm gonna take this risk, can't let my pride step in
I get dropped, but I'm right back in, Cause there's no question, I been through worse, I can handle this
I get dropped, but I'm right back in, It's what I, It's what I, Always do
I get dropped, but I'm right back in, I got my second wind, I'm gonna rise up and pump my fist

Verse 2
Never this crazy before, time to settle the score,
tread on the floor, but thinking of skies,
the feeling arrives, these feet of mine ain't meant to walk the line,
the verse vents my vibe, but first it curves the stride,
sights the strife, strikes with might that smites all adversaries,
big bang anger theory, big man now you hear me?
It's that fast and fury, the past enduring,
which my passions curing, the task alluring,
my mask is fuming, You ask assuming, like I'm trash for using,
keep yapping like a biatch and I'm a smash your buick,
don't be stupid, not amusing, do it til I'm useless cause I know what I'm pursuing

It's for the pain I fought, that's why I sang this song, That's why I last this long
It was the pain that brought, the way I sang this song, That's why I sang this song
It's for the pain I brought, This is the fate I sought