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Indian Jewelery - An Adornment Delved out from Ages

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Indian jewelery has got its own history and culture which has its roots way down in the beauty of our legendary beauty queens. Beginning from the traditional ones to the more faddish ones, jewelery in India has got its own enchanting effect on the beholder. The modern Indian jewelery may fit some of the modern occasions like business parties or semi official meetings but that can in no way dampen the influence of the traditional Indian jewelery best known for its cultural inheritance. Be it the west, east, south or north of India, they all have got their exquisite style, design and construction inherited from their respective traditions. Talking about the most awaited occasion of one's life - one's elaborate wedding, the traditional Indian  Jewelery gains its priority . A bride without a traditional touch in every way is half adorned in Indian context. The traditional Indian jewelery is especially built and designed in gold or silver, a jewelery pattern that has got its place in beads , Meena work , Filligri works of east and Kundan work of the north. These elegant, ethnic and traditional Indian jewelery look best in the borrowings from nature whether it is leaf or  a vine or a twining plant. The most prevailing metals are gold and silver that gives life to the nature's creation and exclusive diamond and gem works are the best options to add colour to these  enthralling jewelery pieces.

An Indian lady never forgets to adorn herself with different ornaments in different parts of the body irrespective of her get up -whether ethnic or modern. The main body parts that are adorned are hands, ankles, neck and ears but apart from the ornaments worn in these parts , the Indian lady has got all the cause to wear a part of the jewelry on her nose, forehead, fingers and hair. She has an arrays of Indian Jewelery to deck her up; beginning from the gold chain, nose rings, finger rings , choora , bangles and bracelets in addition to ornaments with functional purposes like cuff links, hair pins and belt buckles etc. The jeweleries are also available in different colours suitable for different sarees. 

The ethnic wear of an Indian lady is not complete without  the jewelery specially made for different occasions in India. The Indian jewelery adds glamour to the personality when it is incorporated with an ethnic wear like Saree or Lehenga. The Indian Jewelery has got its own uniqueness and beauty which can  never be replaced by any other patterns of adornments  and it shall be in its dominating position for all the time to come.

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