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Samsung Series 3 Chromebox Review

by rimsalbert

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The Samsung Chromebox looks almost like a piece of art when it sits on your desk. Its design is borrowed heavily from the Mac Mini but improves on it with the panels in shades of gray and black. There is almost no audible noise when it’s on. The Chromebox ships out preinstalled with the 19th version of the Google Chrome OS. It’s a system that uses verified boot, much like your tablet PCs. This means that when you press power, it automatically scans the encrypted part of the drive that contains the OS. If there are unauthorized changes, it simply overwrites is a website witch gives all information about Samsung Series 3 Chromebox Review.

This guarantees you’ll be free from viruses, all the time; and it does all of this in under seven seconds. The Chromebox also comes with support from the thousands of apps from the Google App Store. From word processing, content sharing, data encryption and social networking, there is an app here for your every need. Although the Chromebox comes with only 16GB of SSD storage, there is absolutely no limit to what you can store in the cloud. As a home theater PC, the Chromebox is a solid contender. The six USB ports let you connect your flash disks and external hard drives. Connecting it with any HDTV is a cinch and if you run out of movies, there’s always the Netflix app.

The Chromebox is a marvelous piece of engineering, notwithstanding the originality of its design. Some experts say it’s what Microsoft would have been (and probably Apple too) had it not invented the DOS. It’s a fairly young product and a lot of improvement is to be made. When the first Chrome OS shipped out, it was little more than a browser. Now on its 19th release, it has improved by leaps and bounds. It utilizes the available computing power with surprising efficiency. However, the Chrome OS does have some compatibility issues with certain formats which could be annoying to people who are more used to Windows or Mac OS X. The only user-serviceable part is the pair of sticks of RAM accessible from the pop out bottom cover. The mono speaker is absolutely needless and if you are to make the most out of the Chromebox, you need to get the optimized keyboard and wireless mouse from Samsung. Dual display is limited to mirroring but extended desktop support is on the way.

On paper, the Chromebox can easily outclass the basic models of the Mac Mini. The fact that Apple is rushing to slash down prices is a testament to exactly how good this device is. The Samsung Series 3 Chromebox demands minimal maintenance and is an incredibly user-friendly machine which makes it perfect as a workstation for libraries, schools and public access terminals. With its current price, it will more than pay for itself within a semester of use. So, if you’re looking for a sleek and portable desktop PC that is optimized for the web and running on one of the most powerful OS’s on the market, then you should definitely consider the Samsung Series 3 is a website witch gives all information about Samsung Series 3 Chromebox Review.

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