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Experts in Orange County Termite Control

by lucilelynch

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According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2011, there were roughly 1,050,000 homes in Orange County. Many of those houses that are fashioned with wooden structures or additional elements such as lofts and decks experience a certain level of pest problem, a few even at the edge of catastrophe. The thing is: Do you have any idea of whether your home is swarmed with termites or not? How can you know if you should hire expert Orange County termite control service providers? Below are several warning signs to help you figure it out.

Hollow-Sounding Wood

Termites flourish in dingy, damp surroundings. They typically don't prey on the wood's exterior. Instead, they chomp their way into the body of the wood and impose destruction from there. The wood may look the same -- its exterior smooth and blemish-free-- even though termites have brought upon major damage to it. If a wooden structure looks hollow when tapped, it can be a clue that termites have infested your home.

Presence of Swarmers

Swarmers are termites in the reproductive periods that fly to develop fresh colonies. Even though finding swarmers outdoors is a normal phenomenon, finding them inside your home can be a cause for alarm. The existence of swarmers within your house can be a sign that you must employ Orange County termite inspection pros.


Drywood termites live inside the wood they plague. As they eat their way through the timber, they throw off wood-colored excrement known as frass. Since space is constricted within the wood, these termites excavate a tube out of the wood that functions as a "kick hole" or a hole worked with to dump out their wastes. Observing frass mounding near wood is an evidence that you have a drywood termite invasion.

Mud Tubes

If you find mud tubes throughout your home, call a termite control specialist promptly as you have been infested by subterranean termites. These tubes are manufactured from a mix of the termite's fecal matter and sputum. Mud tubes, also called termite tubes, offers subterranean termites secure access to their food sources.

Termites can pose severe risks to your house. A tiny colony of termites, if laid off, can badly damage your home's integrity, placing you and your loved ones in constant risk. To keep away from this, contact your reliable termite specialists on the initial clues of termite invasion. To find out more, go to termites101. org/warning-signs.

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