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Walthamstow market is Almost a kilometer in Length

by robertgale

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The average impression of Walthamstow is defined by a sort of general haziness and sense of vagueness. It’s not that the area is devoid of things to do- the Walthamstow Queen’s Road Escorts certainly offer a lot for example- it’s just that everything seems rather unremarkable. It’s a place that borders others, a place that has always been unremarkable from its inception as a small collection of villages, to its rapid growth through industrialisation. It’s from this innocuous nature that the area’s greatest triumphs have, almost paradoxically, arisen.

The high street is large enough to offer a great range of shopping options, yet not quite big or prestigious enough to draw in people from other boroughs. It can’t compare to the opulence of Bond Street, or the central London charm of Covent Garden but it’s still a very sizeable retail area. The market at the centre of the street is almost a kilometer long, and transforms for different purposes during different days of the week. On most weekdays, it is a bustling hive of bric a brac, bakers, carpet sellers, ornaments and novelty items. On Sunday, the focus is on good food, as the farmers’ market rolls in and local produce is put on sale for very reasonable prices, offering people a genuine alternative to the supermarket.

Walthamstow Village is another such underrated attraction, although its stock rose considerably in 2004 when it was voted the best urban village in London by Time Out magazine. Peacefully set amongst the tree lined streets, the village offers a scene of tranquility and serenity to contrast the hustle and bustle that dominates most of North East London. The little pubs and shops that are scattered across the area are all unified by a communal spirit: this is a place where local business owners know the names of each of their customers, where every bartender knows his patrons “usual”. That is something that is incredibly rare in the capital, and the area has the sort of tight knit community normally only seen in the more rural areas outside the city. The houses also create the same sort of atmosphere, with old churches and wood lined buildings often giving off the impression of a small village in Kent rather than an area in one of the world’s busiest and most metropolitan cities.

Because of these cute little attractions, the area is slowly becoming popular with other Londoners. Although it may lack the wow factor to draw in tourists, the peace of the village and the scale of the market are making it a popular destination with others in East and North London. Gentlemen are coming far and wide to spend an afternoon with gorgeous Walthamstow Queen’s Road Escorts, whose companionship and friendly nature is second to none. The quiet, unassuming little place is quickly becoming one of the capital’s best kept secrets, and more and more people are flocking to the area to appreciate it before it comes into vogue.

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