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What is in house training?

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In any organization, training of workers is important in providing experience in new skills and knowledge in their field o specialization. It is not necessarily that training of new skills be formal since it can be accumulated over the years but it is also good to note that in a working environment where workers are required to possess specifics skill, formal training is required. For this case, in house training comes in where workers can be trained through workshops, seminars, personal development plans, coaching among other methods. Whichever method you might decide to use, the important thing is that at the end of the day you will have achieved the set goal; to improve on the knowledge, skills and attitude of the workers.

There are various types of in house training that you may want to try out for your employees. Group training is one such method that you should think giving a try. In this case, the trainees are trained as a group. It has the advantage that it saves on time used for training. When conducting this training, it is good to keep in mind the volume of knowledge you want your learners to absorb. This will greatly help you in having a well planned lesson plan. It is also good in helping you plan the speed at which you will teach your lesson; remember the learners need time to absorb all that will be taught to them.

The effectiveness of in house training is determined much by how you will conduct the training as well as how you will manage your time. It is therefore very important if you would emphasize on the aim of the training when preparing your lesson plans. For instance if you are training employees on career and professionalism, remember to emphasize much on how they should improve their abilities as they might be required to fill greater job positions than they already are in.

In house training has a number of advantages that should push you into conducting it in your organization.

  • Time convenient both for the trainer and the employees.
  • It promotes team building as well as improve interpersonal relationship between employees
  • With the fact that in house training combines material presentation with hand on practice makes it more effective as the employees can directly apply what they have learnt from the training.
  • Considering the fact that employees are taught as a group, it is relatively cheap.
  • Members from different departments of the organization can attend the in house training.

It also has disadvantages that are worth looking at before you can decide carrying it out. This way you will have a way to overcome the disadvantages to make it more advantageous to the organization and its employees.

  • Since it takes place within the organization, there is a possibility of trainees distraction as they think of what they should be doing were not for the training they are attending.
  • Hiring an under qualified trainer may result in to a low standard training. It is therefore good to make sure that you hire a highly qualified trainer for the best of your organization.

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