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How To Properly Apply Blush

by articleajay

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Blush being the most important part of the makeup as it will not only makes your face look brighter it will also help your face look longer, wider or as you desire the face should look like. This all depends upon the fact how you apply blush. There are several ways you can do that but what is the proper way to do this many few of us know about it.

 If the blush is not applied properly it can even ruin all your makeup. Lest see what can be the best way to apply blush.

Select the Color of the blush Carefully:

 Color plays an important role. You should choose the color wisely. As a red tone will not look good on a pale skin but if you have brownish tone in that case red tone can do wonders. Make sure when you choose the color the color should match the tone of your skin.

Purchase Good Quality Blush Brushes:

 The quality of the brushes matters the most as if you use a low quality brushes you will end up ruining the makeup. Nowadays buying cosmetics product has become really easy and convenient you can buy cosmetics online. Online shopping has really made life easier these days.

 Proper lighting should be there:

 Lighting plays an important role as if you will apply blush in low light you might miss out on the minute details of the face. If the space is properly lit up in that case you will be able to emphasis on the curves of the face and simplest of the makeup can do wonders for you.

 Apply Bush at last:

  Plan what sort of makeup you want, if you are going for full makeup in then make sure that you apply blush at the end. Complete the rest of the face make up and then apply blush on the face.

 Prepare the Blush:

You have to apply the blush differently if you are applying gel or if you are applying powder. If you have decided to go with the powder in that case take a medium sized fluffy brush then lightly sweep the brush through blush. Tap it to remove the access and then apply it on your face.

 If you have planned to go with gel in that case dab a little bit on you ring finger before you apply it on your face.

 Start with a Little Blush

Need to make sure that you start off with little blush as it will be easier to make it darker rather, if you apply dark blush and then try to remove it.

 Don’t Smile to Big

 When you are applying blush makes sure that you don’t smile that big that your cheeks are too high this can make your blush too low. It’s recommended that rather you do a fish face while you apply blush.

 Dot the color first

Make sure that you dot the color first on your face and then use the brush or the  finger to blend it. Always concentrate the color on the apple of the cheeks and then blend it well. You need to try to shed the access of the color to make sure you don’t get too rosy cheeks.

 How to Apply Blush

 Make stroked from your cheeks towards your nose.

§  Don’t make it diagonal.

§  Excess of the color should be blended from your eye towards your ear. It should be from the middle of your eye.

§  Clean the brush before blending

§  Apply the brush downwards so the facial hairs lie smoothly on the face.

§  Repeat the same for the other cheek.

 Dust your Face

 Dust your face with translucent powder this will being inner warmth to your cheeks.

 If you keep all these point in mind you can do wonders with the makeup.

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