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Electronic cigarette can save a day

by davein

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One story by a smoker who discovered the real flavor and taste in the electronic cigarettes would make everyone out there who has been trying to switch from the traditional to do it immediately. The story is told about one smoker who has been smoking tobacco cigarette for close to twenty years. According to this smoker, he started this habit when things were pretty good. He knew that smoking was the best thing for him and nothing would compare to what he experienced as a result of tobacco consumption. After ten years of consumption he moved out of the country and went to a third world nation where smoking was still in still a preserve of the few, the rich and people who were described as perverts. He had a hard time trying to get his daily cigarette that he resorted to locally made rolls which were not in standard with what he was used to. This made the life very difficulty. Apart from the culture shock that this smoker received when arrived in this tiny third world nation. His favorite pass time activity has been interrupted since he could not get what he has been used to. He was now forced to consume some stuff which at first tastes so unreal and dirty. Once one is hooked in tobacco smoke, there is no escape, the addition is known to be very hard to fight. For this smoker, it was hard to move on as addiction had already set in, what was left was to consume just anything to make the body satisfied with what it was used.


After sometime, it was time to get back home; this was after five years living in a foreign country never setting a foot home. He has already become accustomed to the kind of cigarette he was taking while he was in the foreign country, such that he had to carry some when returning home. He made sure that enough cigarettes were packed in his bag, by the time he was leaving. The trouble started when he got at the home country airport, he was accused of being a drug trafficker and thrown into the jail for three years. He vowed never to smoke again as this habit had put him into a lot of trouble. His woes did not end he, he was not able to stop smoking while in the prison, when he got out he was met by stringent rules which had been put in place to discourage people from smoking in the public. This is something which he had not been accustomed. Not wanting to be caught in the wrong side of the law again, he had to find a solution; he had to stop smoking altogether. This was proving to be a hard task until one of his friends introduced to him, electronic cigarettes. This is the product which he had been looking for, something that would moderate his smoking habit as well as make his life freer. The story is told that the man has quit smoking after consuming smoke for close to quarter a century. All this was courtesy of electronic cigarette.


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