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Don’t Do The Same Old Things This Christmas

by billywood423

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Santa? Check. North Pole?
Check. Happy ending, full of redemption and joy and the little ones’ faces
lighting up with delighted smiles. Check. Been there, done that, got the
t-shirt, the poster, the commemorative plate. It’s time for something

1. Elf
A modern classic: Elf combines traditional, heart warming themes with a modern quirkiness to deliver a film that’s as funny as it is uplifting. Will Ferrell is perfect as the socially awkward elf whose naivety and childlike manner make him stick out like a sore thumb when he heads off to the cynical and bitter streets of New York.

2. The Grinch Stole Christmas
The film that brought one of the most iconic Christmas figures to life, it started life as a TV special before being reissued on VHS and DVD. The 2000 remake is a passable film, but the original animated version stands head and shoulders above it, capturing the magic of Dr Seuss’ wonderful books on film in a way that no other production has done since.

3.  Bad Santa
We all like to be a little naughty, whether that’s by scoffing all the mince pies or hiring a London escort for the 3rd night this week, everyone indulges themselves a little too much sometimes. Bad Santa relishes this mischievous spirit and takes it to another level, centering on a con-man who impersonates jolly St Nick in order to make a killing scamming people out of their money during the festive period. The film is wonderfully unrepentant about its nastiness and whilst those after the cliched ending may find themselves rather disappointed, there is a fantastically dark comedy here.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Another (relatively) modern film with a cult following, The Nightmare Before Christmas gives a unique, bizarre and utterly wacky take on the festive season. It could only have come from the incredible imagination from Tim Burton and the animation still looks as wonderfully fresh today as it did when the film was released.

5  Home Alone
Based on a unique premise, this film took seasonal spirit and infused it with mischief. Like many other Christmas films, it’s funny, entertaining for all ages and brings a big smile to your face. Unlike others, it lacks the presence of a mystical Santa, a lost Christmas, family drama or any of the other tropes seen over and over again in this genre. All the parts are played to perfection, and the combination of perfect scripting, great acting and a superb idea all gel to form one of the most iconic films of the festive period.

6. Die Hard
Ok, so it’s debatable whether or not this a Christmas film. It certainly lacks the gentle grace and charm of the others on this list and it’s not overly heartwarming. It is an amazing riot of a film though, and if you and your London escort are after something a bit different, it will definitely hit the spot. It’s often heavily repeated over the festive period too, so there’s no excuse not to watch Bruce Willis on his yuletide rampage.

Author Information: BillyWood is a freelance writer, who contributes to numerous blogs and websites, covering a wide range of topics. When she’s not hard at work, Erin enjoys reading a good novel and scouring the capital in search of a decent cup of coffee like Escort London . For more information on Escorts In East London here

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