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The culture and development of frozen yogurt

by anonymous

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During these years, frozen yogurt has came into our life. Accurately, frozen yogurt

have exist for long time, it is popular since last century in American, Korea and

many other Europe countries. As lack of nutrition knowledge, people don't know that

yogurt has many good influence for our bodies such as strong our bodies, balance our

diet, reduce the cholesterol, improve our intestinal tracks and so on . As it has lot of

probiotics in it. It even can resist of cancer.


Frozen yogurt was called "Frogurt" in 70s last century when took into New England

by H.P.Hood. In 1978, Brigham's made the first frozen yogurt finish product whose

head office was in Boston. At the same time, Danone make their first frozen yogurt. It

becomes more and more popular as people develop the frozen yogurt all the ways.


The frozen yogurt industry has a large market in foreign countries. In 90s 20century,

it occupied 10% in cooler industry. It is so popular especially American that it has

accounted for 25% in its cooler industry. Many people even took it as dinner. Now,

lot of frozen yogurt shops appears in American. People could self serve by adding

fruits, such as strawberry, mango, banana and so on. The fashion have broadcast to

many European countries. The require of frozen yogurt machine have raise a lot. In

China, It has been trend in Hong Kong, and for mainland, there are several frozen

yogur chain shops appears, most of the shops located in Beijing, shanghai, these big

cities and second and third-tier cities, such as Hangzhou, Suzhou.


In very shot times, frozen yogurt shop will all over the Chinese market. To have a

yogurt shop just need to buy the frozen yogurt machine and ice cream powder.

There are many brand of frozen yogurt machines, the price is from US$1500-

US$15,000. For one small yogurt shop, two frozen yogurt machine is enough.


The main material for frozen yogurt is ice cream power mix with milk, fresh

yogurt or water. Some people use ice cream powder combine with fresh yogurt.

But normally, the ice cream power is more used not only because the long quality

guarantee period, convenience for transport but also the price. we suggest to choose

the ice cream powder which the ingredient contain yogurt powder.


Now, more and more people focus on healthy living. The healthy becomes the

main influence point for people, That bring lot opportunities for ice cream powder



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