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Is Google living up to the expectations post the panda, peng

by anonymous

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It all starts and ends with Google. The statement is true because Google is the most popular search engine today. Like all the other search engines Google does mistakes and corrects them on their own. The main of the engineers is to improve the algorithm constantly, but that is not an easy task.


But somewhere something is wrong for which Google is not able to catch up with spammers. The algorithm update made by Google always lacked in something is it the Panda, Penguin or the EMD update. Each one of them has some drawbacks. For individuals who want to generate revenue by targeting keywords within a short span of time.


Lets us have factors that help Google to rank websites:


There are two main factors namely on page and off page factors. They have been there from the inception of the search engine. On page factors include regular up gradation of the website without compromising with the quality. Google will then crawl your site frequently. Apart from that the content must be relevant and unique. Google also looks at the back links to your site and their quality. These are some of the on page factors. The off page factors mainly deals with the links. The links related to your site must be relevant and organic. If there is any unnatural link it will affect the ranking of your site. But the percentage of unnatural link is quite high. If the number of unnatural link is more than organic links Google starts keeping an eye on your website.


This is the main reason for which Google has made so many algorithm changes. Some of the most talked about updates are the Penguin and the EMD update. The main aim of Google is to improve the link profile of websites. This is a challenging task and Google is facing quite a lot of problem and that is why it created the black hat and the white hat SEO techniques.


Google has a long road ahead, might be you have to wait for few more years or for a longer period of time. Google is yet to reach the level of maturity that it dreams of. But, till then the SEO companies can only test the ideas given by Google. Maybe Google might come with newer techniques for search engine optimization. Google create a pit for themselves which hit them back. They were the ones who opened the gates for the spammers and today they are fighting against it.

I don’t know whether it is illegal, immoral, black hat or white hat technique, we are no one to judge it.




Google is perhaps the most complicated software present on earth that keeps on updating itself continuously. Along with each update come new improvements and fixtures.

We all know that we were not born smart, but gave become smart as we have grown over the years. Learning is a continuous process and we keep on learning till the end of our lives. The same theory is also applicable to Google, since it works by humans. So we cannot expect a search engine to be completely flawless.


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