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What is Tool Balancing and How to Do It

by chunkyjunkie

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All over the world, heavy engineering and manufacturing companies engage precision tools, which are difficult to operate and need constant servicing. Tools, which are used for manufacturing purpose, should undergo tool balancing, so that the turn around time of the machine is less and the profits increase because of more productivity.

How to Go for Tool Balancing
Precise tools used for manufacturing are very costly and whose breakdown will adversely affect the profits of any company. So, tool balancing is the only way for keeping the machines working and generates more profits. For tool balancing, the manufacturers’ instructions should be followed and experts should be engaged for completing the work.

Tool Balancers
Tool balancers are a kind of system in which it holds hand-operated heavy tools to a pre-set position for the ease of the worker. These are applied in industries in which the worker is supposed to use heavy hand held tools very frequently and doesn’t need to change the speed of the tool quite often. This reduces the fatigue and effort of the worker, hence increasing productions.

How Tool Balancers Help
Tool balancers hold the hand held tool in a position from which the operator can drag it in any direction, as per his need. The tool remains in a position in which the operator of the tool wants it to remain. The tool balancer arm is a rigid pivoted portion of the tool, which allows the smooth movement of the tool. The arm drags its power from either pneumatic pressure which is generated by a pneumatic pump or directly gets power from an electric motor.

Spring Balancers
Spring balancers are mainly used in manufacturing places where the operators use various types of tools in one go. An example may be a body shop of an automobile workshop, where the operator is supposed to use the pneumatic gun, welding rod and spray painting gun at one time. In this situation, spring balancers come in to play, as the worker can keep his tools hanging with spring balancers, reducing his efforts drastically.

How Spring Balancers Help
They keep the tools hanging, until the operator needs it again. This makes the tool feel like without weight and assists the operator to work faster and more efficiently. The spring balancers can hold weights up to 180kg and makes the operation of the tools very easy. It also provides safety to the workers, as there are lesser chances of accident.

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