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The Private Label Hispanic Consumer - US

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Hispanic population is expected to reach 61.1 million by 2017, a 15.6% increase from 2012. Additionally, Hispanic spending power is expected to climb to nearly $1.7 trillion by 2017, from nearly $1.2 trillion in 2012. Hispanic households are more likely than non-Hispanic households to have children. Hispanic families are also larger than non-Hispanic families, with multigenerational members of the same household consuming various types of foods and packaged goods.

The preferred language of Hispanics is a much greater factor than income in the likelihood Hispanics will purchase a private label product, with trust in name brand goods higher among less acculturated Hispanics. Understanding these differences and the types of private label brands Hispanics prefer will help marketers not only maintain, but grow their business among this important consumer group.

Scope and Themes
What you need to know
Data sources
Consumer survey data
Abbreviations and terms

Executive Summary
The market
Private label grocery brands purchased by Hispanics
Figure 1: Top 10 private label brands purchased in the last month, by language spoken in the home, March 2012
Frequency of purchasing private label products
Figure 2: Hispanics frequency of purchasing private label products, by type of retailer, March 2012
Private label food and beverages consumed by Hispanics
Figure 3: Top five private label food and beverage products purchased by Hispanics in the last month, March 2012
Private label personal care items consumed by Hispanics
Figure 4: Top five private label personal care and/or cosmetics items purchased by Hispanics in the last month, March 2012
Perceptions of private label personal care products
Figure 5: Perceptions of quality of private label/store brand products, by Hispanic men aged 18-34, March 2012
Top reasons for trying a private label product
Figure 6: Top reasons for trying a private label product, by household income, March 2012
Attitudes toward private label products among Hispanic adults
Figure 7: Hispanics attitudes toward purchases of private label products, by level of agreement, March 2012
The consumer
U.S. Hispanic population
Figure 8: Population, by race/Hispanic origin, 2007-17
Hispanic household size
Figure 9: Average household size, by Hispanic origin/race of householder, 2001, 2008, and 2011
What we think

Issues in the Market
How can private label brands retain Hispanic shoppers as the economy recovers?
Should private label brands be marketed to younger Hispanic men?
How can Spanish-dominant Hispanics extend their brand loyalty to private label products?

Insights and Opportunities
Private label brands could benefit from rising food prices
Private label brands could benefit from Hispanic food and beverages

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The Private Label Hispanic Consumer - US


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