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Electric Cigarette Reduce Tobacco Dependence

by dnieva

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A debate has been ranging for the last one decade on the efficacy of electric cigarette as far as helping those who are trying to quit smoking. There are those who claim that these types of products have no effect as far as withdrawing from tobacco addiction is concerned. They hold the opinion that the electric cigarettes have no benefits as far as ones health is concerned. This statement may be true but a closer look will reveal that those who have been trying to stop smoke and get rid of tobacco addiction have turned to this type of product. The other side of debate has concentrated on the benefits that have been realised since switching to this kind of product. There are people who have seen the real benefits since they started using the electric cigarette. Some of the benefits which have been mentioned. One of the major benefits which have been mentioned by several users is the fact that it gives them the same kind of satisfaction that one could get from the tobacco cigarette. The difference comes in when one talks of cleanliness and fumes. The electric cigarettes are known to produce less smoke and therefore are considered cleaner compared to the traditional types of cigarette. There are also less harmful to non smokers on the fact that the secondary smoke is no existence. This is not the case for the traditional tobacco where the non smokers are known to inhale the kind of smoke which is even worse than what smokers consume. Secondary smoke is known to contain very harmful chemicals some of which are known to cause cancer.


The debate on this type of product will continue, both sides may not agree but looking from a different angle one will appreciate that those who are on a mission to stop smoking have a solution as far as the withdrawal effects are concerned. Electric cigarette are giving the people who want to reduce tobacco dependence a fall back plan where they do not have to revert to former habits. Previously before the invention of this type of cigarette these people were suffering since they were being forced to revert to tobacco smoking after the withdrawal effects worsened their conditions. This made it hard for them to quit smoking, now that they have an alternative, they can be in a position to quit smoking after moderating their smoking levels through electric cigarette.

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