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Choose Affordable and High Quality Rug Pad

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Now find high quality Felt Rug Pads from our online store at very affordable prices including FREE shipping.  You can use on hardwood, carpet, tile and laminate floors.  All of our products are made 100% in the USA.  Felt Rug Pad (also referred to as jute rug pad) is considered the best pad in the Industry.  It is made with recycled carpet fibers, helping contribute to a Green Environment. Get "Dense Felt" Rug Pad, which is voted as the most versatile rug pad in the Industry.  It is 1/4" thick and made with non-allergenic carpet fibers and also coated with a natural rubber backing(not spray on backing) on one side to provide the following benefits: (1) holds the rug in place, (2) provides cushioned support, (3) protects floors from harm, (4) is versatile for use on hard surface flooring and is rated as the #1 pad for use on carpet(reverse pad with the rubber side up), (5) provides sound barrier for noise reduction.  Offered in 19 sizes. If the size is not correct, choose a larger size and easily cut with scissors for a perfect fit.

For optimum results, we recommend the rug pad size to be 1" to 3" smaller than the rug on each side.  Can't find the exact size? No problem. Our Felt Rug Pads are easy to cut with scissors.

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