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It Pays to be Vigilant When Buying Guild Wars 2 CD Key

by anonymous

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Search Guild Wars 2 CD key on Google and you get more than 1.6 million results. Combing through all that information can be very difficult. Compounding the problem is the presence of numerous sites that are actually a fake hack intended to steal your own cd-key. If you’ve watched the movie “Inception,” it’s a little bit like that in terms of duplicity and mind blowing method to target people who download CD keys off the Internet. Now, there wouldn’t have been much of a problem if these fake hacks don’t only steal your CD key but also overwrite the one saved on your system, which results in a ban. That means you can no longer play your favorite game.

No sympathy from others

Going by the forums, you can hardly find sympathy from serious gamers as well. Those who purchase a Guild Wars 2 activation code from legal channels will definitely scoff at your misfortune. After all, you are the pirate and so it’s your fault for not verifying your sources. If you make the argument that it’s like the pot calling the kettle black, you would be wrong.

First, it’s good to make a distinction between downloading a pirated copy of the video game itself that was skimmed off from a legal source, then you may have an argument. But it’s not really stealing when the codes that you buy are directly sourced from distributors in the UK that deliver the boxed titles to the retailers. So in effect, the key that you purchase is genuine.

What’s the catch?

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is, isn’t it? Well, there’s no catch. The reason why Bioshock Cd key that you buy off from these legitimate sites is cheap is because they are purchased on wholesale and they get huge discounts in return. Besides, UK is known to avoid slapping value added taxes on these commodities because they are considered as exports. Whatever savings these websites get is passed on to the consumers.

The reason file-sharing communities are thriving even in the aftermath of the US crackdown on known websites like MegaUpload or Filesonic is attributed to the vagueness of the rules. They are accused of stealing but they argue that if they are indeed stealing, why is the original product still intact? So if you buy a Guild Wars 2 activation code, you don’t really rob anybody else of their right to play the game.

Carelessness can cost you

Although there’s a lot of free stuff on the Internet that are shared by the community of like-minded individuals, you have to be really careful. As mentioned above, there are fake hacks that are out to get your own Guild Wars 2 CD key and worse, preventing you from playing the game ever again

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