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Safety Measures Adopted by Painting Contractors

by bruce01

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When it comes to taking up a painting project, apart from considering the quality of work the painting contractors deliver, it is also important to check the security measures they adopt. Since life should never be put second to any kinds of home improvement projects, it is vitally important that you discuss the safety measures they adopt while undertaking a painting job.

• Ladder Levelers:

Most of the accidents are caused by use of ladders. Levelers bolt into the ladder legs and offer better security. Many painting contractors use ladder levelers these days as an additional safety measure. Once they are installed, you need not worry about any sorts of accidents arising due to ladder instability. You can thus free your mind about your kids or pets moving around getting hurt by any chance.

• Proper Range of Ladders:

Using the proper range of ladders is highly essential to reduce chances of injuries and accidents. Size of the ladders depends on the height of your house. However, painting contractors suggest a 6 foot step ladder, with 20ft, or 28ft, or 36 ft extension. These sizes ensure that all areas can be reached easily.
However, you need to keep in mind the basic fact that your ladder loses a couple of feet when base of it is kicked from the side of your home for proper navigation.

• Use of Covers and Clothes:

Painting contractors exercise caution while using the right covers while painting. Though weight of canvas drop cloths does not cause damage to hard surface areas, bushes and shrubs, the small flowers and plants might not be capable of withstanding so much of pressure. Thus contractors suggest use of old bed covers to allow the plants to breathe easily. Since plastic does not allow proper breathing, it is usually not recommended to use plastic sheets to cover plants.

• Roof Ladders:

Painting contractors use roof ladders in places where soffit joins the rooflines as an additional safety measure. This helps in painting areas above the roof line that needs to be painted. The roof ladder is hooked over the roof surface and lies on the shingles. This enables the painting contractors to safely walk up the ladder to paint the soffit areas above the roof line and the walls.

• Shovel and Pick:

Since it is dangerous to place a ladder on a sloppy ground, painting contractors use shovel and picks to notch the ground. Carving out a flat spot levels the soil and offers a firm footing to the ladder levelers. This is a very essential safety concern that professional painting contractors consider before starting a painting project.

So, when you hire painting contractors you need to ensure they are well equipped with all necessary safety measures to avoid untoward incidences. Contractors armed with the right tools and safety measures will not only ensure quality work but also on-time completion of the project. So, look for the right contractors online and get your home or office painted by experts.

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