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Goal Setting is easy when your friends help you!

by liyo89

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Are you looking around and seeing your friends well settled in life, and are finding yourself wondering ‘Why can’t I have a piece of that?!’


You know you’ve got it in you somewhere in you to succeed in your goal setting, but do you lack that motivation to turn a goal into an achievement?


We all know that to set goals, you’ve got to identify what your goals are and then break them down into smaller sub-tasks so it’s not overbearing.


If you want to achieve your goals, it’s no use saying, ‘I want to be a millionaire’ and writing that down and then wondering why you’re still broke!  But what happens when we do all of this but still end up back at square one?  What happens when you alone aren’t enough to ensure success?


Well, the answer to successful goal setting could lie not with you – but with your friends!


There’s a site called that not only allows you to chart your goals, set a deadline, plot tasks and milestones and source helpful articles, books and videos that relate to your goal, but it also has a devilish USP – when you set your goal, you can invite your friends to become your Supporters.  It’s up to them to cheer (or push) you along. 


But here’s the fun twist… when you set your goal – be it to lose weight, quit smoking or pay off debts – you make your Supporters a promise of a forfeit you’ll do if you fail.  Suddenly the stakes are much higher and you’re more driven to succeed!


So that got me thinking; what’s the three ultimate ‘little bag of tricks’ for goal setting?


Model yourself on someone successful.

You could identify some people who have excelled in life goals that you aspire to. Motivate yourself by reading about these people, and by knowing the secret of their achievements, attitudes, and behaviors.


Think positive.

Never use negative statements, which especially express the lack of confidence in yourself.  Never say, "I could not...” or “I do not know how". These statements are the biggest energy drainer for you, and these hinder the desire to have any motivation whatsoever.  Learn to talk positively to yourself. Tell yourself, "Yes - I can do it," or " I may not know how to do this YET, but I’m going to learn".


Just Do It Now!

Never leave anything for tomorrow if you can do it today. Follow your schedule and complete the tasks you need to.  You’ll be surprised how great it makes you feel.  Remember, there are no failures in what you do. There are only results.

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